Engineering Surveys

Engineering surveys provide turnkey surveying solutions in the area of construction industry, ensuring that the most complex designs can be built with confidence and providing geospatial information for the project. We take part in all stages of construction starting from the initial design through condition and correlation surveys until the final operation through construction verification survey. Engineering surveying includes:

  • Control Network Establishment

We provide high accuracy network creation by using the techniques that meet the project’s needs.

  • Setting Out

We align the position of the elements to be constructed, ensuring the most complex designs can be built with accuracy.

  • Construction Verification

We monitor and record the existing condition and timing of significant operation on the construction site through Quality Control records in order to ensure the projects’ progress.

  • Structural Monitoring

By using high-end equipment, software and methodologies, systematic measurements are performed in order to track the alteration in the shape of our element.