Automated Monitoring System (AMS) of Real Time Total Displacements (3D)

The system consists of a high accuracy networked robotic total stations and prisms located on the point of interest. This system ensures valuable and timely monitoring of the displacements, providing high measurements density, simultaneous wireless transmission and entry of the results into the MDB system to ensure minimal time between their reading and their evaluation.

The measurements are taken with a series of automatic electronic total stations of high precision, which will record the displacement of reflecting prisms on the ground surface and on buildings. The robotic total station is capable of carrying out automatic measurements, both at predetermined sequences and at any arbitrary time and the maximum measurement range is in accordance with with the environmental conditions.

The total stations are remotely controlled by software and are capable of:
• Following a pre-programmed operation
• Allowing changes in the measurement regime to be implemented , including the measurement cycle
• Providing continuous data for one point

The system allows the above changes to be made remotely via internet connections. The instruments are capable of self-seeking a point that has been moved by at least 30mm without affecting the monitoring regime / data return time adversely.