Quality Policy

The main company’s quality policy is to achieve customer ‘s and its own predefined quality objectives.

Main principles:

Ensuring of the high quality of provided services to the customers of the Company, with technical and quality characteristics which arise from the formulated needs of the market, combined with the overall business objectives of the Company
Continuous improvement of the quality and characteristics of provided services, as well as the general quality in all processes and procedures of the Company

To achieve the above objectives, the Administration of AKSM:

Implements Quality Management System (QMS) which complies with the requirements of the International Standard EN ISO 9001:2008, through effective methods of design, implementation, monitoring and potential redesign of attainable quality standards at all stages of performance
Systematically investigates the market in matters relating to specifications – service features, as well as issues of customer satisfaction
Commits to providing the necessary human and material resources technological and other infrastructure
Trains all the employees of the Company on Quality Management and encourages the consolidation of quality spirit in Company
• Designs, adopts and monitors the application of the system with Indicators & Quality and Efficiency Targets in every stage and area of operation of the company with the ultimate goal of the best possible control and service optimization
Checks the proper application of processes and procedures of Quality Management in Company
Notifies this Quality Policy to the staff of the company and ensures for their continuous upgrading, so always be compatible with the overall corporate objectives