Architecture & Civil Engineering Surveys

AKSM implements high accuracy applications which allow us to obtain precise indications of the behavior of a structure and the fields behaviors on which the site is situated. By using high precision equipment, software and methodologies and especially with many years of experience in the field of laser scanning, the company can provide results, to meet the requirements of delicate projects.

We offer a wide array of architecture and building surveying services, including:

• Excavation control: volume and dimension control of excavations
• Deformations control: documentation of deformation processes and monitoring of countermeasures
• Facades inspection: 3D dimensional inspection of building shells and facade components before final assembly
• Structural analysis and maintenance: cost effective control of the specified load-bearing capacity of supporting structures as well as wear and tear
• Free-form components inspection: dimensional check of complex components such as free-form shape elements
• Built environment: geometrical recording of existing properties as the basis for conversions or extensions
• Construction progress monitoring: monitoring of construction progress for technical documentation
• Documentation: recording of the inventory data that is needed by facility managers, during the structural situation on a production plant or the building services equipment in an office block
• Planning of structural alterations: providing an accurate three-dimensional model of the actual status of the building
• Replanning of technical modifications: depiction and checking of changes to technical equipment, such as pipes, air ducts and electrical supply lines in advance in the virtual model