MEP and Retrofit Surveys

3D laser scanning brings a multitude of benefits to any project. We use the latest 3D laser scanning instruments which collect millions of measurements in three dimensions called point clouds. The result is an organized 3D digital representation of a subject which is delivered quickly, efficiently and accurately.

A practical MEP application would be to assist in the production of as-built data and documentation. Many manufacturing activities are documented after the actual assembly of a machine. 3D laser scanners could expedite this activity to reduce man-hours required to fully document an installation for legacy.

We offer a wide array of MEP and retrofit surveying services, including:

• Conversions and extensions: 3D documentation of the current state of the property as the planning basis for conversions and extensions
• Offsite production: possibility of off-site assembly, thanks to exact 3D CAD data and dimensional control
• Asset management: simplification of facility management, maintenance, training, etc. through comprehensive 3D master data, simulations and training in virtual reality
• Improved coordination between different trades and comprehensive documentation and supervision of all work
• Reverse engineering: copies of products and components for which there are no construction plans and/or CAD data available
• Interior fixtures and fittings: 3D CAD documentation of complex interiors of ships, cars or aircrafts as a basis for planning of conversions
• Manufacturing documentation: complete 3D documentation of the manufacturing status of complex machine components
• Quality control: 3D documentation and dimensional inspection of large and complex components such as rotor blades, turbines, ship propellers, etc.