AHS Ptolemais UNIV is a new project for the fifth coal-fired unit of the Ptolemais Power Station, with a generating capacity of 660 MWatts. Ptolemais Power Station is one of the biggest lignite-fired units which is owned by Public Power Corp ( DEH).
The plant includes many infrastructures such as 1 Cooling Tower, Boiler MEV Turbine, WFGD Unit, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Crasher Unit and Services Buildings.

AKSM has signed the contract and successfully completed the Scan2Bim applications for TERNA S.A which is the developer company of the project.

Scan2Bim applied at the Cooling Tower checking steo by step the constructing process and for the control of the volume as built.
Secondly, AKSM has performed geometry verification of the constructions through laser scanning techniques. In addition, the geometry verification controlled the prefabricated structure pieces of the Tower.

AKSM provided Scan2bim for the geometry verification of 2 Boiler Buildings with a total height of 135 m.
The accurate digital model produced designs of a huge metal ladder which is installed on the Boiler Building giving acess from the ground to the top.