AKSM signed the contract for the project of ” Development of Ayia Napa Marina” in Cyprus with the company ‘TERNA OVERSEAS LTD’.
Therefore, the construction of Ayia Napa Marina, with a 600 berth is part of a broader world class waterfront development consisting of a variety of commercial, residential, cultural and sport uses. More specifically the infrastructures includes: the marina with 600 berth, Villas, 2 Towers and Commercial Buildings.

The luxury project of the development in Ayia Napa Marina is estimated with a total budget of 250 € million and will be handed over in 2021.

The construction procedure is divided in 2 phases.
Phase A: Includes all the marine works, infrastructures and facilities.
Phase B: Includes the constructions of 2 Towers of 28 floors each and total area of 58.000 m2, a complex of 29 Villas and Commercial Buildings in the heart of Marina consisting of Retail, Food, Beverage, Event Center and Parking in an area more then 8.000 m2.

AKSM undertook to provide surveying services to the construction with 2 teams of experienced engineers and highly accurate equipment as the signing agreement refers.